Sunday, 24 May 2009

Railex 09

With the dust settled on my trip to Railex 2009 in Aylesbury, I have had time to reflect and take in the show. The journey started at Marylebone Station, which I have never been in, but past many times below on the Bakerloo line, with trip up the Chiltern Line to Princes Risborough. One change needed due to work being carried out on the line I believe and then a short hop to Aylesbury found me in time to hop on the refurbished Routemaster bus for the final leg to the stadium.

I have to say that the level and quality of the show was very high and being my first visit I was unsure of what to expect. Located in the stadium of Stoke Mandeville Hospital it was a roomy venue and not too many places of congestion. This may have been due to arriving after lunch and the main crowds having died down a bit.. I spent some time wandering around looking at the layouts and then headed round the traders. I rather foolishly or wisely, depending on how you look at it, didn't take any cash with me. This was probably a blessing as I have a mountain of things to be getting on with. For me the highlight was seeing Catcott Burtle and finally seeing it proved it was even better that the pictures. Truely a model of excellence and the subtle use of colour and effects go to make up a completely magical and almost real atmosphere. Anyway, here are some of my pics of the day.

Images of Catcott Burtle, Pempoul, Blea Moor, Bleachy Dock, Welton Down, Glendale.

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